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Here's a smartphone for you newbies!

Are you someone who is new to smartphone? Want to try a simple smartphone but one which is full of personality? With Samsung GALAXY mini at RM 599, you now can stay connected with your friends through Facebook and Twitter anywhere conveniently! You can also read emails, access Google Maps, listen to music and take pictures where ever you go. Galaxy Mini operates on Android 2.2 (Froyo) which It is probably one of the most affordable smartphones around!

Jadi sila klik SINI  Hua3

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  1. pha is says:

    AMBOI..!!!!! lawan taukey nampak..!!!! hahahahahahahaha

  2. Azman says:

    saje test bro, aku ingt bole promote ikut suke, kalu bole aku nak promote Evo 10 td, haha

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